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Branding and Custom Merchandise

Innovation Products is your one-stop resource for all things branding & custom merchandise in Long Beach, California. Through our innovative ideas and meticulous execution, we help you create a strong market presence.

Branding Solutions

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What is a Brand?

A brand is your company’s identity. Your people, your products, and your story are all elements of your brand which directly and/or indirectly represent the quality, mission, and culture of your company.

How We Help

At Innovation Products, we focus on creating a distinct brand identity and story that perfectly aligns with your business objectives. Our team offers brand strategy, logo design, product naming, and campaign design. We offer these services:

  • Decorating & embellishing quick turn stock products
  • Designing & manufacturing custom logo products
  • Establishing & managing brand stores
  • Designing & producing collateral and POP materials
  • Exporting merchandise worldwide
  • Providing event support

We design your corporate media products to make your brand promise stand out.

Custom Solutions

From concept and design to production and distribution, we produce both private label and custom designed products for your business. With our team of experts in custom product manufacturing, apparel design, private label and importing, we create merchandise that’s impactful, relevant and memorable for your audience.

We have strong relationships with multiple custom factories, both domestic and international (mainly China). Thanks to our global shipping partnership based in Chicago, we carry out import/export operations hassle-freely.

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Case Studies

Innovation Products’ team has several years of experience as an agency and partner for many on-going customers. We bring innovative ideas and strategies to enhance customers’ branding campaigns. Allow us to utilize our custom product expertise to make your branded merchandise unique and make them stand out. While we offer traditional products and printed items, please try out our leaders in product manufacturing, collateral development, apparel design, private label and importing. From conception and design to production and distribution, we produce both private label and stock branded products and guide you every step of the way.


Restaurant & Bar

Restaurant & Bar

Objective: One-stop shop for restaurants and bars.
Solution: Provided multiple items from take-out bags to custom barware, uniforms - including aprons, jackets and merchandise for sale. We hosted and managed a company store for ease of purchasing for each store manager to order multiple products. Eliminated multiple vendors and purchase orders.
Result: Enhanced order efficiency and saved money and time.

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Manufacturer Company

Manufacturer Company

Objective: A dual kit for media highlighting a limited edition product for the 25th anniversary and a limited edition gift for fans.

Solution: Created a custom kit that would be inexpensive to mail around the world while highlighting the company’s story and timeline of achievements, and displaying the product as the centerpiece. A metallic silver theme & material reflected the silver anniversary and added a high-end look.

Result: Successful in reaching press, company fans, and being noted by media outlets as a gift. Design created intrigue rather than a perception of junk mail.


Technology Company

Technology Company

Objective: To promote the speed features of a new device at a product launch event.

Solution: Designed and devised a race track with cars decorated with competitors’ logos that ran on a track from where invitees stepped off the elevator to the product pavilion and company logo store. The track was durable to accommodate pedestrians and the budget was met by using large inexpensive flags as visual aids on the walls.

Result: Attendees had an exciting memory to associate with the advanced speed of this new device.

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Worldwide Beverage Manufacturer

Worldwide Beverage Manufacturer

Objective: Co-brand retail chain and beverage brand to highlight partnership and promote 2-in-1 at a company employee event.
Solution: Found unique items allowing joint logos to clearly be displayed and lightweight to ship.
Result: Saved money by finding inexpensive (to print and ship) items with large imprint spaces that people
wanted to use.

Custom Apparel Design Case Study

Curious how we create custom solutions for you? Here’s the brief outline!

1. We begin with what you want…

  • What type of garment?
  • What kind of look/feel?
  • Target Audience?
  • Price point

2. Establish fashion and style…

  • What kind of texture?
  • What design of fabric?
  • What design of imprint?

3. Then move on to colors and design…

  • Choose a pantone fabric color
  • Choose imprint color - textured fabric or solid fabric

4. Final Product:

  • Produce a unique, one of a kind, private label item meeting the specifications identified above.

We measure success in dedication, design, and details - with integrity woven throughout it all. Let our team design for you!